Building Your First Coil: Part 2

Welcome back readers! So in Part 1 we ended at the discussion of silica wick material. We’ll pick things up where we left off for this second installation of the Building Your First Coil series.


With the use of plaited design, ekowool enhances twirled silica. With this design, the wick will be left with stronger opposition to wearing away and will be better for wicking. Though, there is a catch; Ekowool is about ten times the price of basic twirled silica.

There are two varieties of Ekowool. Hollow Braid and Hollow Braid with internal strands. In some configurations, the hollow braids lean towards razing which may result in the difficulty of the coil to connect well. There is a possibility that tiny silica fragments fissuring off the wick and puffed will reduce due to the design of the Ekowool, theoretically.


On to cotton; cotton is typically used because of its price, but it also delivers superb flavor. Cotton’s biggest impediment is that it is combustible. Great care must be taken to avert the wick from drying out when using cotton wicks as that will cause it to burn instantaneously if it isn’t saturated. Once it is burned, a new one has to be put in place of it.

ss mesh

For the most part, stainless steel mesh is used in Genesis RBAs. However, it is occasionally used in recoiling protank heads and RDAs. Although this compound lasts a fair amount of time and is reusable, it is somewhat pricy.

Stainless steel mesh is usually utilized in products that focus on refining processes. Besides directly purchasing in vape shops, you can find this product in hardware shops. Delicate plait compounds like #500 mesh will wick surpassing the grainy compounds like #325 mesh, interesting note to keep in mind.

SS mesh must be thoroughly torched and quenched (oxidation) to avoid shorts as it is very conductive. Hot spots and shorts may be apparent even with repeated oxidation as it is simple to scratch it off. For those who are not yet familiar with coils, it is recommended that you don’t use ss mesh or cables.

Determining that the compound is raw ss is the main issue with ss mesh. Some use it in RDAs, but it is most frequently used in Genesis RBAs. In RDAs, It usually does not keep juice and shreds effortlessly. However, it can wick exceptionally in vertical operation like Genesis.


Similar to ss mesh, cables must be oxidized repeatedly before use as it is conductive thus effortlessly gains shorts and hot spots. Wick compounds are mostly determined preferentially and the compounds listed here are not the only wick compounds used in vaping.  As it delivers exceptional flavor whilst thwarting hazards, annoyance, and is also less complex to bind, if utilizing silica I prefer utilizing ekowool.

That concludes part 2 of our series of Building your First Coil. Stay sharp as we’ll post up part 3 real soon. Till then, take care and Happy Chinese New Year, folks!


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