How To Land A Vape Sponsorship Deal Part 2!

Hey guys, it’s me again. I’m back with Part 2 of How to Land a Vape Sponsorship deal! Let’s get into it!

Social media sites are also a great tool that has been utilized for a while now. However, we know there are fakes out there. Make sure to create a solid, honest followers as these carry a lot of meaning. It will take some real energy to do so. Build up to five thousand followers within the 6 month mark. Even if you manage to hit 1 thousand, it’s quite a milestone. If you want to contest with the likes of VoonVapes, organically grown years of constant effort will get you there.

The next key aspect is to make sure you thoroughly understand and comprehend a vape organization before engaging with them in contact for a sponsorship deal. Do a quick search on all social media sites and read the content they have in their website. It will let you get to know them a lot more and understand their goals and preferences. You will also find out how they prefer to engage with their customer audience.

However, don’t contact potential sponsors through social media sites as it may seem unprofessional - it might me the outlet for fans, but not you. You are a professional, you want to engage in a business partnership, so send a professional e-mail. Get their email from their websites, send a short message with your motives, politely. Include methods of contacting you back, links to your blog, your social media sites, pics, vid links and such.

You have to earn your place - it doesn’t mean because you won a blow cloud competition, you are the next big superstar in vaping. Every year there are thousands of novices winning all kinds of competitions. This is a business and you are as good as your follower count. Be humble, no matter what you have or where you stand because there will be someone down the line who has 10x that amount. Brand sponsors are about appropriately purporting to depict the vape look. Your persona and effort are the thing that will hold the organization’s

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