The Malaysian Vape State

People of VoonVapes, welcome back to another entry by yours truly! Today’s topic will be about the current vaping scene in Malaysia. What has become of it? How has it affected the community? Where and how will we move forward from here on out? We know these questions are lingering in some of your minds.

    So what can we make of the current vaping scene in Malaysia? I will address this question by referencing the treatment Johor received. As of the 1st of January 2016, all vape outlets in the state of Johor Bahru have shut their business down. In addition to this, the state of Malacca has also banned the use and distribution of vape related products due to a declaration of it being haram in December 2015. Combined with the state of economy, imagine how things are for these business owners to were forced to close shop. Prices for utilities and meals have gone up but earnings are not increasing parallelly.

    Research has shown that stress is a major contributor poor health. Ask anyone who has lived through their primetime and we know that they will always claim that health is wealth. As Vapers we know that, that’s why we made the switch from tobacco products. However, for some, stress can lead to terminal disease. Unemployment rates are increasing, bonuses are being deducted and businesses are not thriving. These are all factors that will cause excessive unwanted stress which might eventually lead to the development of mental, physical or medical illnesses.

    Not to forget that even the price of cigarettes have gone up! I know a lot of our readers still remember the days where a 14 stick pack of dunhill reds would cost RM5. The advent of unfortunate events which in actual fact can be avoided, would only cause individuals who are trying to make a positive change in their lives to not succeed. There are obviously so many problems that can be avoided and benefit the majority. At the rate things are going, the number of suicide cases will increase and threaten the image of the country. I’m definitely not going to claim that our beloved Malaysia’s image has not been tarnished repeatedly over these few years. However, I am absolutely positive that we might reach a state of apocalypse if things don’t steer in the opposite direction, soon!

    I have always been an advocate of moderation. In every aspect, moderation will be key. Continuous indulgence whilst being apathetic of the consequences is a foolish way of perceiving eternity and achieving genuine happiness. Vaping is not harmful, it is helpful! It does not need to be banned, it needs to be regulated! Our people shall not be oppressed, we shall be empowered!

With that, I end today’s entry. I hope you readers out there are still having hope! Keep your chin held high and your shine like your hearts are on fire cause you ain’t see the end of the vaping community yet!

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