Rebuildable Atomizers Part 3: Genesis & RDTA

Shaped after an authentic construction, the genesis-style atomizer is a type of atomizer that is named the Genesis. Dozens of constructs of genesis atomizers are now available and they all adhere to the same basic style. It is not recommended that you use this as your first RBA as it is a bit intricate.


Examples of Genesis Atomizers:


Built with a deck on top of a liquid tank, the genesis-style atomizer is constructed in such a way that when building, you will insert a wick into a hole that drives down into the tank. This particular wick cab be either cotton or silica, or made up of rolled stainless steel mesh on a steel rod. Through capillary action, the wick pulls liquid up to the coil. The coil has to be built so that it wraps around the wick.


Example of a Genesis Atomizer: The Smok RSST (cracked apart)


RSSTs possess a lanky positive post and a terse negative screw. The height discrepancy allows simple effort to build vertical coils as leads will be covered around the top of each screw. A few genesis atomizers have numerous negative screws for numerous multiple coils. Each negative screw holds a space for its wick.


Tipping the atomizer upside down briefly wets the wick or wicks. RSSTs have a small rubber stopper on the deck. It covers up the fill space to avoid spillage of liquid when tipped. Wicks will pull up liquid on their own once wet.


It is highly recommended that you do not purchase this as your first RBA due to its complexity. If, however you insist on getting a genesis atomizer, the Smok RSST is a good starting point.




Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer or RDTA for short, sometimes introduces as an auto dripper, drips liquid onto coils by itself.


Examples of auto drippers:

L to R: Big Dripper, Big Dripper v2, Revel, 3D.


There are only a few available RDTAs as they are relatively new. Generally, they function by dripping juice onto your wick when you hold down on the drip tip.


Broken down Big Dripper v2:


The Big Dripper v2 comes with a standard 3 post deck and cap with adaptable air holes, typical of an RDA. Nevertheless, it has a tank to keep liquid that is placed above the deck, and a chimney post with a spring around it. Between the drip tip and the bottom of the tank, a spring sits and at the bottom of the tank there is a tiny hole; when you push down the drip tip, the liquid is pressurized and a few drops are pushed down through the hole onto your wick.


Auto drippers drip liquid from the top usually, but not all of them. A few of them such as the 3D, keep liquid below the coils, which spatters up when squeezed.


As it is a bit complex, this is also not recommended as your first rebuildable. If however you insist, the Big Dripper v2 is recommended.


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