Hey guys, I’m back again with a new and exclusive article for you! Today’s topic will be about replicates. I know, everyone has probably overheard someone speak about replicates. A few of them choose to purposely disregard the reality. As a customer, we should educate ourselves to avoid falling into traps such as purchasing a replicate.

    Replicates breach intellectual property, take work positions away, damages the future of vaping, and adversely affects shops that sell vaping merchandise. Breaching intellectual property is not a big problem just yet due to the continuous usage cycle. However, it does not mean that it is acceptable to use someone else’s construct. If someone had a hunch to grab a picture of an rba to clone it for a lesser price is illegal as they do not have rights to reproduce. It is a very immoral act.

    We know that replicas are prevalent across all kinds of industries. All the blood sweat and tears invested in building a product that someone can take pride in inevitably becomes replicated. This really puts a big toll on the inventor and may lead to the person losing his job and it may make some employers cut costs which means firing workers.

    Vapers want to be recognized and appreciated as a group of individuals who have successfully made the decision to improve their health by quitting smoking. The black market of replicas make our people viewed as shallow by individuals who do not know anything about what vaping is. As users we have to take a stand and stand up for our cause.

    For shops that take pride in their quality of products, it is hard to keep up with market products that are half the price. Many vendors have trouble selling the top RBAs due to the black market. It has revolutionized the market and disrupted user structure.

    For starters, to end this onslaught of fake merchandise in the market, as users one measure we can take is to boycott replicas. Understand what differentiates a replica from the real deal and know where to get the real product. Recognize the magnitude of harm the replicas cause to the market.

    If you see a product that’s half the price of what is usually is, understand that it is probably a clone. Act responsibly by forgoing the fake stuff for the top stuff.

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