The Breakfast Club!

Hey guys, It’s me again, I hoped you missed me! This time around I’ll be doing a review on Breakfast Club’s new collection of cereal themed e-juices!

    With the intention of filling the retail lack of tasty breakfast cereal e-juices, breakfast club has crafted brews that are decent. However, the retail seems to be bombarded by cereal flavored e-juices. They propose maximum vegetable glycerin which gives off a well polished sensation. There is no throat hit which is personally favorable for me as I am not into a flavor that tastes like it is destroying my throat.

    The flavors that they have available are also complicated and pleasant. Froops mimics the taste of fruit loops, the drag tastes like fruit loop candy. The taste declines as it is exhaled quite fast, but the impact of the drag covers the downside of the exhale. They claim that the fruit is soaked in milk tea, but I do not taste the milk. However, vaping this product feels like a typical weekend morning, watching television and eating a bowl of fruit loops. All things accounted for, this product is of quality and I encourage you to come on over down to VoonVapes or make an online purchase!

    On the contrary, Crunk Berry overtures a more authentic flavor. I got an indication of a touch of milk which adds to the creamy texture which accompanies the berries. The brew is crisp and agile, whilst exhaling, the feel of grains becomes apparent to add the wow factor. It tastes like a mature version of the Fruit Loop brew due to the lack of imitation taste that is so prevalent amongst fruit e-juices. I’m not saying that imitative taste is derogatory, but it is how cereal is as a quality of flavor. However, I might be biased as I didn’t grow up indulging myself in fruit loops.

    The following juices are on a different league. Breakfast club delivered a decent effort with Crunk Berry and Froops, however the real zest and authenticity of this brand is signified in Apple Snaxx and Vape Flakes. Snaxx is just apple cinnamon, however in a brew that doesn’t overpower one another as distinct flavors. The cinnamon kind of delves into the aspect of sweetness, however there is sufficient taste of apple to not leave an overwhielming feel. There is an indication of cream but hardly noticeable.

    Finally, our particular preferred brew is Vape Flakes. The first time I tried it I was like astonished by a flavor that could turn out so amazing. The drag is delicately sugary, however the exhalation is where the real money's at! It tastes like a combination of icy peels and milk. It’s not drenched in milk, however it is sufficient enough to not leave a feeling of dryness. The sweetness is what drives this product to the top of the line. It includes an additional delicateness that makes this my current go to vape juice.

    The brand has outdone itself by the innovation of this line. They have introduced a variety of cereal juices which makes us anticipate our next vape. When tastes altogether, they accompany each other as a family of brothers and sisters but they are more than capable of standing tall by itselves. It’s great that we have these on the market, what are you waiting for? Come get yours now!

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