Rebuildable Atomizers Part 2: RDA

An RDA is a Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer. It is often referred to as a dripper. RDAs are the most prevalent form of rebuildable atomizer. RDAs do not possess a tank to place supplementary juice. The juice is held by the wick and coil. Occasionally, there is a shaft inside the base of the dripper to place a little supplementary juice.

You may wonder what is the benefit of having an atomizer without a tank. RDAs actually possess a much neater structure than you might think. Considering the fact that it is dripped directly onto the atomizer, you can get a perfect hit all the time. Besides that, you don’t have to drip the flavor as frequently as you might think. A fully drenched wick can give out 10-20 hits, depending on the resistance setting and the type of material used as the wick.

Here are some examples of RDAs that you might come across:

Left to right: Smok dripper, doge, plume veil 1.5, onslaught.

Those by themselves would not give you much information when you’re out looking to purchase one. To know what you will be working with, it is necessary to take off the cap and look at the build of the deck.

Decks of RDAs, from left to right: smok dripper, doge, plume veil 1.5, onslaught
As can be seen, they are all distinct. Each of these decks has a varied number or composition of posts, which are what you will be fixing the wire onto.

At first, this may look puzzling but they all function through the same underlying concepts. Each RBA has one positive post, which is conventionally stationed in the center. It also has one or more negative posts, conventionally stationed outside the center. When building an atomizer, you will secure one end of your coil to the positive post and secure the other end to one of the negative posts.

As can be seen in the image, most drippers have pits drilled into the posts. Whilst building, you will put your wire through that hole, then screw down the bolt above the post to keep it in position. If there is no pits in the post, join the wire between the top of the post and the bolt.

When you come across drippers with more than a single negative post, it means that you can build an atomizer with several coils more simply. Certain atomizers, such as the plume veil in the image, will make it simpler for you by having several pits drilled into the center post.

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